Installation of a water softener

We all know that water is a clean liquid, without smell and taste. In spite of this fact, it is full of minerals, and when it comes to our home, it is usually known as hard water. This type of water is not bad for our health. Well at least not that much, but you can feel it on your skin or hair for a period.

First of all, we will talk about the cost. Most of the people think it is expensive but actually it is not. When we look at the most catalogs, the least expensive are manual regeneration types. They are usually around 350$ and depending on the installation you will usually need an extra 150-300$. If you go for the metered softener or timed one, it will usually be around 2,500$ in total. So the big question is how big your wallet is and which type of softener you prefer. You will also need to check your plumbing because it is also a big deal. If everything is fine, then you will not need to pay an extra 50-450$ for your new pipes.

Size of the softener

It is very important to choose the adequate size of your softener. You will choose the size according to your home. If you have a big house, you will get a bigger one of course. Consequently, if you have a big house, your softener will be more expensive than the smaller one. To make things easier and let’s say cheaper, it would be wise to have these three things in mind before installing the softener.

It is important to know the usage of water. You need to know if you are using a lot of water.

It is important to know how much the hardness of water is.

You need to know some water fixtures.

water drop

Type of water

Water is different. If your water is harder, then your costs will be higher. You will need to buy a much better softener. The more expensive softener means you will have a stronger machine in your system. If you are connected to a water supply that is connected to the city, then you should know how hard your water is because you could always find out. On the other hand, if you have a well, you can buy a testing kit which will tell you the pH of your water and how hard it is. They are usually around 40$ or so.

Water softener types

As you would probably know, there are a lot of these softeners. The price is what makes them different. Higher price, stronger system. First, we have Ion – exchanging softeners, and then we have those that are salt – free. Dual tanks and magnetic are the also great. Still, you will choose the type according to your preference and situation.